Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that people who come to our website will have questions about secret auctions as well as all the information we have shared. It is a lot to take at first, and hardly believable to many, which is why we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions by visitors to Hopefully any questions you have are answered already below, if not, feel free to contact us with your questions and we will clear any reservations you have.

How many auctions are in or close to my zip code?
You can use our "Auction Locator" to search auctions in your state.
Why are the cars so inexpensive?
When the government or the banks seize properties, they really don't care what price the vehicle sells for because quite frankly a supervisor has been ordered to liquidate funds fast. The government is supposedly looking to protect the public's best interests and will reimburse individuals involved in fraudulent scams up to the amount recovered. Banks on the other hand, will go after the individual for the difference lost at auction. This is usually called a charge off on a person's credit report. If the bank cannot recover the loss, they close the charge off as uncollected.
Why doesn't everyone buy vehicles through stressed auctions rather than buying from outlets like or dealership's?
As discussed before in our ‘How it Works’ section on the website, the million dollar question is where and when these auctions take place. Most people don’t know where to find information for these auctions and where they will be held.
Is it hard bidding on vehicles at auctions?
Not really, even though it may look intimidating for first timers. It is usually fun and easy. The auctions have a relaxed atmosphere and you will not have a difficult time coming to grips with bidding on vehicles and how the auction works.
Are all vehicles/items purchased at auction AS-IS? Do they have warranties?
Yes, most auctions announce if a vehicle has a warranty or not. Most auto/vehicle auctions will allow you to conduct a "post sale inspection", which gives you the right to have an auto auction mechanic specialist perform a complete road worthiness inspection on the vehicle. The post sale inspection is a pass or fail test. If it fails, you will have the opportunity to do one of three things.
  1. You can decline the purchase and there will be no obligation on your part to buy it.
  2. You can renegotiate the price to help pay for the repairs found during the inspection.
  3. You can accept the offer and buy the vehicle AS-IS stated with the problem.
It is the most productive way of purchasing a used vehicle because you not only buy it at a herculean discounted price, but have a warranty on it as well.
Can I check the Car Fax on an Auto before I buy it?
Yes, most auctions will list the vehicles online. We recommend you physically go to the auction your first time, so you can touch, and see the vehicle in person. You will be able to access a computer at most auctions or on your smart phone. If it is a must, plan ahead on how you will run the Car Fax once you are at the auction. You may need to contact the auction before hand to make sure there will be computer facilities available to do so. The vehicle identification number is in the top driver side dashboard and on most inside door jams.
Do these vehicles have clean titles?
Yes and No, the majority of vehicles sold at auction have clean titles. However, some of our auctions that we will list on our website are insurance auctions. Don't rule these babies out. You can buy brand new cars with very little damage, at EXTREMLY CHEAP prices. All they may require is some minimal repair work and you will have a really nice vehicle. There are branded titles as well. We distinguish these auctions from the others listed on our site. Most of them will be called "Something Insurance Auction".
Where do all these vehicles, planes, ATVs, RVs boats etc. come from?
When people can't make their boat payment the bank starts calling. When the bank finishes with their repossession, it goes to an auction. When you don't pay your taxes, the IRS shows up on your door step. They will take whatever necessary to pay such taxes, thus it is called an IRS seizure. When companies and individuals are investigated by the FTC or other government organization and found guilty of fraud or money laundering or other illegal acts, the government seizes the assets and sells them at a liquidation auction. Most of these auctions listed, don’t have reserves, thus they are sold to the highest bidder. If there are not a lot of bidders in the crowd, you can make incredible purchases.
Once I purchase membership, when can I start using your database?
You can do so instantly. The data base is purely integrated into the site. You will receive a password via email a few minutes after you purchase our membership. Once you receive your password, you can access the product category you desire, or the entire data base. It is entirely up to you. Unlike any other website on the internet, we offer separate categories so you don't have to buy other products you don’t want. Just buy what you need, it's that simple.
How do I pay for the vehicles I purchase at auctions?
Most auctions will require certified funds. Based on your registration and once you establish a good report at their facility, they will allow you to be placed on a company check status. That means you or your company can write personal checks based on your good standing history with their establishment.