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Looking for high quality planes at unbelievable prices? Check out our selection of plane auction list, which consists of auctions held in all 50 states! This list contains contact information, addresses, times and links to every aircraft auction, government, IRS seizures, bank repo, police, state, estate, federal, public and private airplane auctions in our database. You can purchase repossessed and seized aircraft at pennies on the dollar, and the resale value can be far in excess of any other type of aircraft.

Whether you're new to the field of aircraft auctions, or if you've been buying and reselling aircraft your entire career, we guarantee that you won't find a more complete, up to date listing of aircraft auctions anywhere in America. We list all types of aircraft, in all 50 States! It doesn’t matter what you're looking for, we have auction listing information from single-engine aircraft to private jets, and we can show you where to find them as well.

Aircraft auctions are a goldmine, and we can help make you a major player in that field, no matter what kind of resources you have at your disposal. Even if you only manage to sell one aircraft a year, you'll make back your investment in our Aircraft list a hundred (if not thousands) of times over.

So stop waiting around, and check out our comprehensive plane auction list for private plane auctions held all across the United States.

Plane Auction List
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