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Heavy Equipment List

Looking for high quality heavy equipment at unbelievable prices? Check out our selection of heavy equipment auction list, which consists of auctions held in all 50 states! This list contains contact information, addresses, times and links to every heavy equipment auction, government, IRS seizures, bank repo, police, state, estate, federal, public and private heavy equipment auctions in our database.

From earthmovers to backhoes, from forklifts to diesel trucks, we have the auction lists you need to make your heavy equipment sales successful. These are all top of the line vehicles, easily resold to local businesses, contractors, landscapers or industrial shops. It's easy to get a great deal on merchandise that will resell for far more than what you'll pay at a dealership or on the street. In fact, it's usually quite easy to advertise the equipment that is available at auction and have a buyer lined up before you even purchase it.

Pre-selling inventory is great, because it is a quick turn-over. We have seen heavy equipment purchased at auction and sold within a few weeks with over $10,000 profit on a single unit. This business is a very unique niche market, and the best part is that you don’t even need to have a dealer’s license. It is a complete legit way to earn mega bucks and make insane amounts of profits!

So get into the game today, and check out our heavy equipment auction list, which consists of auctions held in all 50 states today!

Heavy Equipment List
Heavy Equipment
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